DOT - Premiere @ SeriesFest!

Thrilled to share our film DOT is finally starting its festival run, starting at SeriesFest next month!

I was drawn to Kimberlee’s story that was inspired by a moment with her grandmother, because I felt challenged to reshape the ways we think about how mental illness shifts our lives - for both our loved ones and those around them. Major props to Kimberlee, who wrote, starred in, and fought for this to get told even when the pandemic halted her initial plans.

Writer: Kimberlee Kidd

Director: Tiffany Frances

Producers: Matthew Keene Smith + Wenjie Kong
Cinematographer: Arlene Muller

1st AD: Kate Lugtu

Production Designer: Masha Lyass

Editor: Mengyao Mia Zhang

Composer: Nico Borromeo

Casting Director: Morgan Robbins

Re-Recording Mixer: Emilie Corpuz

Color: Arianna Shining Star

Cast: Kimberlee Kidd, Mindy Sterling, Arabella Grant

AND an incredible team of crew + cast that would be way too long to include here. Thank you for a memorable summer last year!

Temple Beauty - Short Doc

Unexpectedly for the past year, Matthew Keene Smith and I embarked on a journey with Temple Beauty to create a longer doc piece that first started out as a voluntary promo video for their store. We liked the promo piece, but we just knew other sides of the story needed to be told. Amber, so proud to call you a friend and get to showcase you and your beautiful family. We’re so excited its festival run has begun! 

Valiant Pictures, Arlene Muller, Cut + Run, Luc Giddens, Ben Wong, Apache Color, Buggsy Capri, Yngree, and a lot more!

Temple Beauty plays at Sarasota Film Fest from 4/1-10!

HFT wins Best Short Film @ Reel Sisters + Oscar Qualified!

Wow… Hello From Taiwan won Best Narrative Short at Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival (an Oscar Qualifier) this year, and is submitted for recommendation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in the category for narrative short.

The irony is that the Live Action Short Film category closed 10 days before I received this letter, so HFT sadly cannot be considered.

Regardless, THANK YOU Reel Sisters for recognizing the work that women of color do in our film industry. THANK YOU for including HFT in your festival, and THANK YOU for doing the work you do. Honored to take part!

Festival plays virtually from 10/23 thru 11/7.

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