Beautycounter Campaign

Had a blast directing this campaign for Beautycounter at the beginning of summer - I really loved the concept of showcasing different generations (and amazing sisters / mom-daughter pairings!) and also as you know I’m really into working with beauty brands that are clean and safe for the environment - a win all around. Lucky to work with this great cast and crew!

New Project

Last week was wild and dreamy. Diving straight into post this week. Can’t wait to share my new project soon, and thanks to a fantastic cast and crew! Loved seeing some of my fave NYC folks on the west coast too.

HFT @ Phoenix Film Festival

Thank you Phoenix Film Festival for playing Hello From Taiwan last month!

We were sad we couldn’t attend our screening and miss out on a trip to Phoenix. Love the posters, they’re the best!

Picture Wrap on DOT!

Melted under the sun this past weekend… Worth it tho esp for this group shot on our pretty Kowa anamorphic lenses. Thanks for the wild ride new friends!

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