HFT: Taiwanese American Film Festival Grand Jury Prize!

Hello From Taiwan won the Grand Jury Prize at the Taiwanese American Film Festival! Thank you so much to this festival that means so much to this film personally. The Taiwanese American film community is special and wish it could’ve been in person this year: the Taiwanese food and boba at the festival was always delicious. (And thanks to Ho Chie Tsai for sending me a screenshot for proof that we won!)

Their theme of KINDRED this year means we’ve rounded up a few cast and crew family photos:

Cast - Barney Cheng

Description: 1989. Brea-Olinda High School, Brea, CA. Me and my mom at my high school graduation.

Cast - Brandilyn Cheah

Description: 2016/ Paradise Cove/ family beach outing (including grandparents and brandilyn’s aunt and uncle; we encourage weekly outdoor play that involves the entire family (and downtime from electronics))

Producer - Guo Guo

Description: Year was also 2009 in Xikou, Zhejiang, China  *fun fact Xi Kou was Chiang Kai-shek’s hometown and the only place we took family pictures apparently.  

Cast - Janet Hsieh

Description: My memories of childhood are happy ones, playing with cousins and my sister by the pool. I’m the cheeky one always looking for the camera so I can make a funny face and my sister is the perfectionist in the back practicing her cartwheels. 

Cast - Lydia Lin

Description: We love our Lin Family, we love travel. 

Director - Tiffany Frances

Description: 1990? My sisters and I in front of our townhome in San Jose, CA - the same home the film is based on!

HFT @ SCAD Savannah Film Fest!

Excited to screen tomorrow at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival at the HER Story Global Shorts Forum! Some great ‘feminine perspective’ shorts in this lineup!

Playing for 24 hours starting at 8am EST, Tuesday 10/27:

#scad #savff 🙏📽

HFT @ TAFF + TaiwaneseAmerican.org Feature

Hello From Taiwan screens ive at 2pm this Saturday at the Taiwanese American Film Festival! Followed by a Live Q&A at 3:15pm  https://www.bingewave.com/m/hello-from-taiwan

We’re also featured on TaiwaneseAmerican.org’s Fall Festival Guide thanks to HoChie Tsai! http://www.taiwaneseamerican.org/2020/10/ta-film-festival-guide-2020/

Been really pleasantly surprised with how supportive the Taiwanese American film community has been throughout this process. The Taiwanese American Film Festival is a special one!

HFT @ Imagine This!

HELLO FROM TAIWAN is now screening at the Imagine This Women’s Int’l Film Festival today until Sunday! (Oct 2-4)

Wish we could be in Brooklyn screening this! But virtual is cool too :) USA geo-blocked FYI!

Thank you Imagine This! Find a pass here!

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