Temple Beauty Supply for Snapchat

This project is one that truly filled my soul. It was definitely a challenging shoot at the height of COVID-19 cases this past winter, with an all volunteer crew and zero budget - but full of heart and a desire to support a local business impacted by the pandemic.

We partnered with Re:Store, Valiant Pictures, Cut + Run, Apache, Dragonfly Audio Post, Jogger, LA musicians Buggsy Capri and YNGREE, with help from LensRentals & Bokeh Rentals. The amount of heart that people gave to this project and the friends I made through this was a truly incredible experience, and we’re just getting started with this cut for Snapchat.

Meeting Amber of Temple Beauty Supply and her beautiful family is the highlight of my year hands down. She makes me laugh, and most importantly I saw a resilient spirit in her that is so pivotal for the rest of the world to take note of. Her presence is unmistakable and her example of ownership is one I believe people will find inspirational.

Thank you to all the people who worked on this - full credits on the Vimeo link.

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