Montiel | Live In Color

Collaboration with Montiel Activewear x REALnew Collective x Valiant Pictures is out now!

Thanks to Maggie Montiel for entrusting Justine & I to take on this project, and was great to work with dancer Chloe Noelle Crade again, who I met through the Nat Geo Movement project a couple years ago.

With this color driven project I wanted to showcase Montiel’s versatility in their color choices and styles, while also featuring a strong woman of color, embracing different sides of her through movement. In the concepting of this project, I had written: ”Her point of view comes from a half-Japanese, half-Irish background, and her dancing background spans from ballet, modern, to traditional Chinese, and she also works as a fitness model - bonus points. She has several sides to her - hard and soft, and it’d be great to embrace them in unique ways; as an active woman, she’s easy to relate to.“ I hope I’ve achieved this.

Also, my dear friend Eugene composed the music for this, it was really fun to create a youthful dance track with him.

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