Hello From Taiwan: Festival Run!

HELLO FROM TAIWAN begins its festival run starting with a World Premiere at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival with a viewing window from October 1st - 31st! 3 additional festivals will be screening this labor of love in the month of October as well… there will be several ways to watch it.

I’m really excited to finally share this project - its meaning for me extends past the personal story and filmmaking, which in itself is already everything to me. What this film means to me is: the communities I’ve become a part of, going through the DWW program, the amazing people I’ve met because of it, the path my career is heading towards, the things I’ve learned about myself and my process… all of it.

Much love to all the supporters, #AFIDWW2020, and the cast and crew, of course.

I’m also excited that so many great films are part of this festival! I see you DWW and AFI alumni. More info from LAAPFF2020 here!

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